My Friends Beach Wedding

Last week my best friend got married on the beach at the Gold Coast Australia. 

It was such a beautiful wedding! The photographer was Shree Vella from Shree Vella photography. She had my friend and her husband pose for different romantic shots on the beach for about 45 minutes. It was so fun to watch and Shree put them in some really creative romantic poses.. my God I was jealous LOL! Anyway finally it was out turn for bridesmaids shots. Though of course it was the real thing for me it was still so exciting. We lined up together near the rocks at Snapper Rocks, Coolangatta and Shree photographed us doing some different things with the bride. It was so fun! I cant wait till its my turn. I will absolutely be calling Shree to do my wedding as well, because she was absolutely awesome. Wedding photography seems to be an interesting job, and Shree Vella is certainly an awesome photographer. Gold coast wedding photographers cheap